Sola's Pre-Birthday Shoot

Location: Hyde Park, London.


Last Saturday I had the opportunity to do a Pre-Birthday Shoot for Lagos based Balloon Stylist and owner of Ribbon room, Sola Akpata. 

This was one of my favourite shoots to date and so much fun!  We made sure to arrive early in Hyde Park and make the most of the sunshine before the rain was due to pour down at 12pm.  Sola arrived with her personal driver and daughter in a Bentley filled to the brim with balloons.  She stepped out in a beautiful pink tulle skirt, cute gold trainers and a Harvey Nichols bag looking absolutely gorgeous.  

We had to deal with a lot of crazy weather changes during the shoot.  One minute it was sunny, the next minute it was cloudy and super windy, and it was a constant effort to change my camera settings, sort out Sola's hair (thank God her daughter came to assist) and a battle to stop the balloons from flying away.  We did lose the birthday cake one sadly but not before we had taken many photos with it.  The rain arrived half an hour earlier than expected, at exactly the time when my 1st SD card became full, so we used it as a time for Sola to change into her second outfit and switch balloons.  You will notice the use of the tree and the Bentley to shelter us from the rain, which worked really well as another location.  This was a great idea of Sola's!  Thank God the rain soon stopped so we could quickly do another half hour shoot on the bridge before the rain started again.  We ended the shoot by giving the 2nd lot of balloons to a couple of kids who were beyond ecstatic and literally jumping for joy at the sight of the balloons, bless them!

I hope you enjoy looking through some of the photographs from the shoot and please check out Sola's instagram page: 



Enjoy the photos!

Florence xx