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I love to shoot Fine Art Wedding photography with personality and style both on film and digital in London and across the world!
I have enjoyed photographing events and scenery since a young age and even photographed my own 18th Birthday party (which had a 1920s theme) and fully edited every photograph, to make it look like we were in a speakeasy…….haha.

I strive to photograph weddings in a colorful, light and airy style, with a mixture of the documentary style while incorporating some gently posed photographs. I am a huge fan of couples intensely in love with each other, who put a lot of time and effort into planning the smallest of details of their wedding day but still above of all, care the most about the experience of their wedding day and spending it with family and friends.

I tend to double as both a photographer and wedding planner haha and often end up staying friends with the couple after the wedding is over. I always help my brides and grooms with planning their big day, particularly the timeline and I carry the craziest but most useful of items around. On your day, I will most likely have bin bags (in case we want to do some seated poses but the ground is dirty or wet, wipes, a hairbrush, scissors, a mini clothes steamer (you’d be surprised at what happens to bridesmaid’s dresses between their home and the getting ready venue) and the list goes on………as you can gather my couples are my number one priority.

I can’t wait to hear more about your story and to get to know you! xx

When i’m not photographing weddings, I’m usually exploring London City, working on something Film or Theatre related, or spending way too much time at the cinema. I’m head over heels for Jazz, Dance, Fashion and documenting your day with beauty and emotion.

Photograph: Francesca Akano