Hi everyone!  My name is Florence.  

Florence Akano Photography

I love to shoot Fine Art Wedding photography with personality and style both on film and digital in London and across the world!
I have enjoyed photographing events and scenery since a young age and even photographed my own 18th Birthday party (which had a 1920s theme) and fully edited every photograph to make it look like we were in a speakeasy…….haha.
After a friend pointed out to me that I love photography I got some training in it, photographed actors and dancers for a while and then shot my 1st wedding in Singapore in October 2017.

I photograph weddings in a colorful, light and airy style, with a mixture of the documentary style while incorporating some gently posed photographs to make sure those ‘money shots’ are captured.

Alongside photography I also work in Theater and Film. Additionally, I sing in a group and perform from time to time. I have a huge range of interests (too many to fit into one lifetime) including writing, dance, Spanish language, piano, guitar and can often be found at the cinema, theater, a film festival, a ballet, a Jazz night, a film, television or theater panel event, open mic nights……..and the list goes on………………………………..

Photograph: Francesca Akano